Duxtrac System

Decoys attached to the Duxtrac System will swim in a pattern worked by a 3 pulley setup. The system is approximately 96"x60" and includes a 60" hard-wire kit that can be attached to any 12 volt battery. With only 10" of water required, you will find that you can take your waterfowl hunting almost any where.  We take the guess work out of the set up and ship the system to you fully assembled. All you will need to do is attach your decoys, head to your favorite waterfront and watch the flocks, flock to you.

Duxtrac System

  • 100% USA made in Grafton, IL.

Proud Member of Ducks Unlimited, IFOR and Migratory Waterfowl Inc.

15263 Otterville Road, Grafton, IL 62037

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