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"Excellent, most natural action ​I've seen!" - Jim

"Like those Duxtrac works great for those calm days keeps water moving and ducks interest." - Bob

I hunted over your product that a friend had and it was amazing!!! He also had a decoy from Duxtrac that simulated a feeding duck. Totally realistic and we sure killed ducks over them!!!"- Mark

"Used the Duxtrac this morning for the first time. Killed everything old enough to die. Killed them Arkansas style." - Kyle

"Does it work? You bet it does! What does every duck hunter need on a bluebird day with no wind? Movement! This machine does it!! Machines with flapping wings are nice but they still don't create water movement. Guys this thing does! Watch the video and see. I can tell you from personal experience, IT WORKS!!!!" - Nancy

"I brought my DuxTrac to a cooling plant hunt in Braidwood, IL. Ducks and hunters show up here in big numbers when everything freezes up near us. It is a public hunt situation with hundreds of hunters putting in for a permit draw every morning . That morning we were fortunate enough to draw a blind. While ducks started working the area around us ,we could hear everyone calling around us . We too called when appropriate.  It appeared they did not like our spread....we tried many changes like calling less , pulled spinners, etc. You know how that works. The set that finally worked for us was that we pulled the mojo`s and put the DuxTrac out and quit calling. On that day, that's when things started to change for us. We now had birds coming into our set! My hunting buddy and I became big fans of my new purchase of the DuxTrac on that day!" - Anonymous

"I frequently say if duck hunting on a calm day if you don't have motion you are dead!  I, like you, being a die hard Waterfowler have tried it all to add  motion to the spread~Spinners, pumps, props, jerk strings, everything; now the DuxTrac. 

This is different~this is better!  The DuxTrac is a light weight, collapsible, portable, pully system that moves two decoys across a track to mimic to ducks naturally swimming motion.  12 volt battery powered easily runs all day long.  The motion is uncannily natural.  I have NEVER spooked a bird from this motion (something you can't say about any other motion strategy).  I put it RIGHT where I want the the kill zone.  I almost always use with a float kit which really is just the adding of three stationary decoys on the outside  I usually add some other decoys (I have really down sized my spreads since discovering this set up),  between the bank and the DuxTrac.   Dave's Grade A+"

 Fowled Up Waterfowlers 
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